Jakarta, October 8 10, 1985 

Volume I

Session 1 – Geology of Indonesian Basins

  • Seram Oil Search, Past Discoveries and Future Oil Potential (T. O’Sullivan, D. Pegum, J. Tarigan)
  • The Role of Strike Slip Faulting in Structural Development of the North Sumatra Basin (Dr. Bona Situmorang, Barlian Yulihanto)
  • Structural History of the West Natuna Basin and the Tectonic Evolution of the Sunda Region (S.R. Daines)
  • Early Middle Miocene Deltaic Progradation in the Southern Kutai Basin (Etty S. Nuay, A.M. Astarita, S.K. Edward)
  • Hydrocarbon Prospect in Complex Paleo Subduction Zones (John A. Katili, Soekendar Asikin)
  • Observation of the Sealing Properties of Faults in Sumatra (Toefilo Villarroel)
  • Petroleum Geology of the Ombilin Intermontane Basin, West Sumatra (T. Koning, Karsani Aulia)

Session 2 – Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery

  • Laboratory Experiment on CO2 Injection (Warno Husodo, Rahmat Sudibjo, Barry W. Walsh)
  • Computer Utilization of Type Curve for Forecasting Production Performance (A. Partakoesoema, Djumero S, Leon Rece)
  • Krisna Lower Baturaja Waterflood Project (Awaludin J. Talo, A.G. Randal)
  • Developments in Seawater Injection (Monica A. Jorque)
  • Injection of Chemicals for Enhanced Oil Recovery: A Technical and Economical View Point Based on Practical Experience (Jacques Bosio, J.F. Lomer, A. Putz)
  • Fracturing, Past, Present and Future: Proper Application of Hydraulic Fracturing (Jacobus B. De Groot)
  • Missible Gas Injection – Laboratory Study of Molecular Diffusion under Reservoir Condition (D. Hadiatno, K. Madaoui, J. Pacsirzky)

Session 3 – Engineering and Facilities

  • Case Studies of Foundation Failures in the Indonesian Energy Sector (Paul M. Reed)
  • Pressio-Detection for Permanent Jacket Structure Monitoring Injection (A. Lubis, H. Crohas)
  • A Field Evaluation of the Badak Condensate Stabilizer (D. Steel, R. Rosli)
  • The Development Role of Analysis in the Design of Floating Production Systems (D.B. Mciver, D.G.F. Cash)
  • Operating Experience of Gas Lift Macaroni Safety Valves (Soepriyadi, P. Helderle, Geyelin)
  • Hydraulic Jet Pumping in a Remote Location Sembakung Field, NE Kalimantan (Bambang Tjondrodiputro, Robert B. Gaul, G.H. Gower)

Session 4 – Exploration Case Histories

  • The Changing Pattern of Ideas on Sundaland within the Last Hundred Years, its Implications to Oil Exploration (A. Pulunggono)
  • Exploration Cycles in the Corridor Block, South Sumatra (C.W. Zeliff, S.W. Trollope, E. Maulana)
  • Tales from The Files: An Historical Perspective of Oil Exploration in Sumatra (Colin Ford)
  • New Seismic Method in Populated Areas – A Case Study in the Surabaya Area, East Jva, Indonesia (Suyitno Patmosukismo, Sjahbuddin, G. Alameda)
  • Seismic Expression of Late Eocene Carbonate Build-up Features in the JS 25 and P. Sepanjang Trend, Kangean Block (Abdul Kohar)
  • Discovery of the Cunda Gas Field, Bee Block, North Sumatra: An Integrated Geologic/Seismic Stratigraphic Case History (M.D. Burnaman, R.B. Helm, C.R. Beeman)

Session 5 – Formation Evaluation

  • Sand Body Correlation in Deltaic Setting, East Ketaling Field, Sumatra Basin (K. Saito, S. Tono, Z.A. Kamili)
  • Formation Evaluation in Deltaic Sand Deposits. The Effect of Lignite Debris on Logs. Integration of Sand-Body Analysis (Mario Petricola, Jumardi, K. Saito)
  • Wireline Pressures Detect Fluid Contacts, Ikan Pari Field, Natuna Sea (Pryo Hutomo, W.V. Jordan)
  • New Development in Acoustic Logging (J. Zemanek, D.M. Williams, R.L. Caldwell, C.L. Dennis, F.A. Angona)

Session 6 – LNG-LPG, Geothermal, Training

  • Petrochemical Feedstocks from Indonesian LNG Plants – A New Approach (K. Stork, D. Mayur, S.Y. Chuang)
  • Construction of an LPG Membrane Tank (Patrick Fuvel, Jean Claude)
  • Sub-Surface Interpretation at Proposed First a Deep Wellsite Citaman Geothermal Area, Banten, West Java (Sayogie Sudarman)
  • A Conceptual Model for Evaluating Potential of Geothermal Fields (Ezzat E. Gomaa)
  • The Organization Development Approach in Human Resources Development (Etty Wijaya)
  • Process Simulator: A New Training Approach (C. Renard)


Volume II

Session 7 – Geochemistry

  • Petroleum Generation Potential of “Coals” and Organic Rich Deposits: Significance in Tertiary Coal Rich Basins (P.A. Kelley, K.K. Bissada, B.H. Burda, L.W. Elrod, R.N. Pheifer)
  • Early Diagenesis of a Holocene Reefal Terrace Merak-Anyer Area Northwest Java Island, Indonesia (M. Cassoudebat, Said El Latief, A. Fediaevsky)
  • Migration of Oil and Gas in the Mahakam Delta, Kalimantan: Evidence and Quantitative Estimate from Isotop and Biomarker Studies (M. Schoell, B. Durand, J.L. Oudin)
  • The Paleogene Rift Basin Source Rocks of Central Sumatra (H.H. Williams, P.A. Kelley, J.S. Janks, R.M. Christensen)
  • Talang Akar Coals-Ardjuna Subbasin Oil Source (T.L. Gordon)
  • A Hydrocarbon Generation Analysis in Northwest Java Basin Using Lopatin’s Method (Cholidy H. Reminton, Unggul Pranyoto)
  • Petroleum Geochemistry of The Sunda Basin (Jorge Molina)

Session 8 – Reservoir Engineering

  • Gas Field Development Planning Using Reservoir Model (Entang Hadisasmita)
  • Pressure Transient Behavior of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs (Doddy Abdassah, Phd)
  • Equilibrium Water Content of Arun Natural Gas (Djoko Harsono)
  • Petroleum Reserves: A Proposal of Methodology and Classification (Jean M. Bourdaire, Ronald Pattinson)
  • Evaluation of Fractured Well Pressure Build-Up (Wildan F. Ervan)
  • The State of Stress in the Eart to Crust Its Importance in Petroleum Engineering (Ph. Charlez, D. Despax)
  • New Advancements for Determining the Degree of Filtration Necessary for Completion, Stimulation, and Workover Fluids (Barry A. Perlmutter, Dr. Reza Hashemi)

Session 9 – Safety and Others

  • Influence of the Particle Size of Catalyst on the Hydrocracking of Vacuum Distillate and Lubricant Base Stock (A.S. Nasution)
  • Organic Acid Mixtures Can Be Used as Less Corrosive Stimulation Fluid for Carbonate Reservoirs (T.G.Martin, D. Tjandroso, D. Berini, M. Hanafi)
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System for Offshore Java Sea (Tony Gunawan, T.P. Thomas, R.I. Williams)
  • A New Look at Operability and Safety Audits (A. Riberet)

Session 10 – Geophysics

  • Application of Offset Seismic Profiles in the Jatibarang Volcanic Reservoir (W.L. Nutt, Jujur Sirait)
  • The Contribution of Simple Seismic Modeling for Reef Distribution Mapping (Soetomo J.A., Bambang Santoso)
  • Refraction Statics, A Comparison among Processing Contractors (Bambang Sudewo)

Session 11 – Regional Geology

  • Space Shuttle Radar Images of Indonesia (Floyd F. Sabins, John P. Ford)
  • Tectonic Significance of the Banda Sea (Pierre F. Burollet, Claude Salle)
  • Dual-Detector Lithology Measurement with A New Spectral Density Log (Verdun E. Rahal, Jr., A. Nunley, J.G. Kampfer, H.D. Smith, Jr )
  • Facies Distribution in the Nurbani Carbonate Build-up Sunda Basin (Handoko Djuanda)

Session 12 – Drilling

  • Dynamic Killing Method as Applied to Well PSJ-A (Kersam Sumanta, Bambang Nugroho)
  • Advances in Solids Control System Design for Expensive Muds (Jan B. Muchtar, Gregory J. Edelbrock)
  • Mud Displacement during the Cementing Operation “A State of the Art” (Carl W. Sauer, Mike V. Till)
  • Exploration Drilling in the Mamberano Region of Irian Jaya an Operation Review (M.C. Bearne)

Session 13 – Economics and Others

  • Manpower Development and Succession Planning for an LNG Operating Company (R.S. Harrison, K.E. Gresham)
  • The Future of Oil Prices (Leon Fuller)
  • Economies Through Effective Maintenance (G.D. Batchelor)
  • Cogeneration-A Profitable Way to Save Energy in the Petroleum and Gas Industries(R.L. Van Housen)


  • Application of Oil Geochemistry for Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Northwest Java
  • Gas Conservation in the Sangatta Field
  • VSP: Lessons from Numercial Stimulation
  • 3D Seismic from Planning to Mapping

Cover: Soft cover
Bahasa: Inggris
Jml hal Vol. I: 709 hal
Jml hal Vol. II: 739 hal
Berat total: 4700 gram
Dimensi total: 28x21x9 cm
Dua jilid buku sekaligus. Warna kertas krem tapi bersih, mudah dibaca, kertas dan jilidan rapi, halaman lengkap.

Harga: Rp. 500.000,- di babedanishan


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