Buku Elements of Oil Reservoir Engineering

Elements of Oil Reservoir Engineering_1



Buku Elements of Oil Reservoir Engineering

By: Sylvain J. Pirson
Special Research Associate, Stanolind Oil and Gas Company Tulsa, Oklahoma; Lecturer in Reservoir Engineering at the University of Tulsa; Formerly Professor of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Geophysics and Geochemistry The Pennsylvania Stage College.
McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. 1950
1. The Reservoir Rocks and Structures (Microscopic Study)
Classification of Sedimentary Oil Reservoir on The Basis of Origin, Mineral Composition, and Texture of the Reservoir Rock.
2. The Reservoir Rocks and Structure (Megascopic Study)
Classification of Reservoirs on the Basis of Geologic-trap Configuration. Delineation of Geologic Structures and of Characteristic Pay Zones within Reservoir.
3. The Reservoir Fluids
Hydrocarbon Gases and Liquids. Connate Water.
4. Reservoir Forces of Static Fluid Pressure (Bottom-Hole Pressure). Capillary Forces.
5. The Fundamental Equations of Reservoir Engineering
The Material-balance Equation. The Generalized Darcys Equation. The Fractional-flow Formula. The Frontal-advance Rate Formula. The Instantaneous Water-Oil and Gas-Oil Ratio Formulas.
6. Fundamental Production Processes
Frontal Drives by Water or Gas. Segregation or Gravity Drive. Capillary Drive. Recovery by the Energy Derived from Volumetric Gas Expansion.
7. Analysis of Field Data
Recognition and Evaluation of Water Drive. Recognition and Evaluation of Depletion and Segregation Drive. Driving Indices and Ultimate Recoveries. Reservoir Performance and Optimum Producing Rate. Example of Analytical Method of Field Data Analysis, Magnolia Field, Arkansas. General Conclusions.
Appendix: Abbreviations and Symbols

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Bahasa: Inggris
Cover: hardcover
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