Buku System Analysis in Management Planning


Buku Network Planning: System Analysis in Management Planning

Network Planning in System_1

NETWORK PLANNING: System Analysis in Management Planning
I. System Analysis in Management Planning by Hans E. Kawulusan
II. Project Analysis by Willy A. Karamoy
– Perumusan tujuan suatu proyek
– Penganalisaan fungsi-fungsi yang harus dikerjakan
– Penganalisaan sumber-sumber dan waktu yang dibutuhkan
– Penganalisaan biaya / cost analysis
– Logical analysis
III. Characteristic Network I by Leleng Boto
– Activity
– Dummy Activity
– Manfaat-manfaat dari penggunaan Project Network Analysis
– Penggunaan aturan-aturan dalam Network
– Perbedaan aturan PERT dan CPM
– Network yang menggunakan skala waktu
IV. Characteristic Network II by Willy A. Karamoy
– Diagram Project Optimization
– Project Duration Optimization
– Scheduling on Event Method
V. Network Design I by Anton Enoch
– Network Construction
– Form dan Format Menggambarkan Network
VI. Network Design II by Anton Enoch
VII. Network Design III by Anton Enoch
VIII. Network Time Analysis by Harun Dalimunthe
– Time Estimates
– Penentuan Critical Time
– Penggunaan Modified Bar Charts
– Early Event Time (TE)
– Penentuan TE pada Merge Events
– TE untuk Network Sederhana

Cover: jilid+mika+lakban
Juml hal: 156
Dimensi: 28.5 x 21 x 2.5 cm
Berat: 670 gram

Harga: Rp. 20.000,- di babedanishan




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