Buku Gas-Oil Production Practices Handbook

sold-outCover Gas Oil Handbook_1



Buku Gas-Oil Production Practices Handbook

Buku Gas-Oil Production Practices Handbook
Reprinted From World Oil
Gulf Publishing Company, 1971
P.O. BOX 2608 Huston, Texas
Cover: softcover
Bahasa: Inggris
Jumlah hal: 116 halaman
Berat: 280 gram
Dimensi: 28 x 21 x 1 cm
1. Producing Equipment
-The Oil and Gas Separator
-Three-phase Separators
-Silicone Injection Boots Separator Capacity 40%
-The Low Temperature Separation Unit
-The Calcium Chloride Gas Dehydrator
-The Glyicol Dehydrator
-The Short Cycle Hydrocarbon Recovery Unit
-How To Estimate Size, Cost of Producing Equipment

2. Unitization and Reservoir Engineering
– How To Speed Selection of Participation Formulas

3. Flowlines and Gas Gathering
– Reduce Flow Line Pressure and Produce More Oil
– From Insulation Reduces Stops H2S Costs

4. Corrosion
– Simple, Cheap Method Stop H2S Corrosion

5. Well Stimulation
– Project Rulison
– Superfract Gives Threefold Production Increase

6. Lease Power
– Unique Turbine Generates 2.5 KW Without Combustion

7. Sand Control
– Field-Tested Methods Imporve Sand Control

Harga: Rp. 50.000,- di Toko Babedanishan



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